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I do post and allow

Causes of Death. In particular, of older (pre-1940s) entries and if it was publicized in the newspaper or obituary. 

Death Certificates and obituary clips. In particular, of older (pre-1940s) entries, and DCs that are not available elsewhere online. I would prefer that information be in the bio text field, but the next best is an original (not retyped) snip of the newspaper piece.  I rarely ask for these to be removed, but other members may do that.

All Caps.  In bio info, in small amounts.

Living Family Members.  In obits/bios.  Sometimes.  We live in a world where it's understood that if you have published something on the internet, say an obituary online, this is now public information, forever.  Obituaries from the time when this wasn't a reality, and the person may likely still be alive, I generally redact.  If someone objects, I remove. If you send me an obituary, I will read it generally and if I break this rule, it's because I overlooked it.

Photos that are barely better than nothing.  Until a better photo comes along, sometimes I will post a photo I'm not terriblly proud of. 

I do not post or allow

Datapukes. If you cut and paste every item from ancestry or other site searches, run them together thoughtlessly, including film #s and other unhelpful information, that is difficult read, available online, and will make the page scroll into a worhless heap of text, I will not post it.  Please parse this information into something like a story, or at least work it into a list that reads in some useful manner.  No Social security numbers.

All Caps.  In name or nickname fields, I will reject.  Also in more than a few places in the bio.  This is a Findagrave guideline.

Please do

Enter birthdates and links into the SAC field when you upload photos.

Wait at least two weeks to resend me an email. I try to catch up all within a week but life happens.
Alert me to duplicates.  Just the word DUPE will flag it to the top of my in-box.
Tell me if you want "credit:" I will add it in the bio, but only upon request.

Please just don't

Enter quotation marks, slashes, parenthesis in names.  Quotation marks are added to Nicknames by the system.  The double-quotation markes cause the name to go invisible.

Slashes and Parentheses for name variations are against policy and are greatly useless.  Pick your best guess and add possible AKAs to the bio info or note. 
Parenthesis are not needed for nicknames.  Nicknames go in the handly Nickame field. 

No Hypenated "invented" last names. Pet peeve!  If the marker has her last married name, or her fist one, enter that.  If her obituary or legal name was hyphenated, that is, if you have proof she actually used her previous married name HYPHEN next married name in her real life, then sure.

Also, previously married last names are NOT a Maiden name.  A Maiden name is the name she was born with.  Only.  The previous spouse can be noted in the bio and connected when found as a burial entry, along with the surviving or last spouse, and other previous spouses.  I understand that FIndagrave is hoping to have some workaround for these but for now, please don't invent names for people.

Create a duplicate, then write me asking me to remove mine.  I will instantly report for merging.  Double foul if you then claim to be a newbie and I see that you've been on the site for years.

Write me nasty emails.  I will block you, and any constructive thing you may have previously been able to add, correct, or to request a transfer, will never be seen by me.  Undermines everyone but...This is my hobby, I am not required to communicate with anyone on the site, aside from the Admins, and never required to have threats and creepiness in my emails, because I add information to an online database.  I am so not required to disclose my name, family relationships, location, or anything else, to anyone, on this site.  Please do not bother to insist that I do.

Lie.  I do transfer.  There's no need to claim that someone who died in 1901 is your brother. 

Antiquated Terms And Problematic Place Names Encountered
Meaning of Words On A Stone:

Medical Terms:

The most common ones I see on death records

Inanation.  Used frequently for babies who have starved due to Tetanus (a common event after the cord is cut with a dirty instrument, most likely occurring between birth and two months of age), diarrhea, or other fevers and causes that lead to severe weight loss and dehydration.  Also used for adults and the elderly when they cannot or will not eat, sometimes in conjunction with a mental illness or wasting disease.  The root cause may not be known or noted.

Terms for Tuberculosis:  Consumption, White Plague, phthisis, scrofula, hemorrhage. Tuberculosis could manifest also (horrifically) in the spine, bones or brain.

Terms for Venereal Disease (Syphillis often): Softening of the Brain (though can also indicate other diseases), Lues Venerea, Cupid's Disease.  In later stages, may be indicated by paralysis that resembles elder dementia or Parkinsons, or by mania, sometimes noted as Exhaustion, General Paresis of the Insane, Tabes Dorsalis.

Sleeping Sickness:  Chiefly seen the years after the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1917-1918, Encephalitis lethargica, leading to inanation or general shut-down of bodily functions: see the book and movie Awakenings...


Chemist:  Means Pharmacist.  Ususally more schooled than Druggist.
Druggist:  May mean owned a drug store, may refer to someone operating as a Pharmacist but without Medical School training.
Operator: Used to mean they operated a machine in a factory, far more often, than indicating a Telephone Exchange Operator.


Prussia:  No longer exists as such.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prussia.  Think Germany/Poland generally, but 'it's complicated.'

Austria:  May indicate some part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, that no longer exists.  Or Austria.

Hungary:  May indicate some Eastern part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire that no longer Exists.  Or Hungary.

Bohemia: No longer exists as a Country.  I've been using Czech Republic.

Alsatia:  Now a region in France.  Heavily Germanic though.  Much embattled in the Wars.

Carmansville, New York: No Longer it's own town, see http://gothamist.com/2012/05/13/the_lost_village_of_carmansville.php.  Apparently was a lovely place, now absorbed by the city, the exact area up to debate.  I have no idea what is referred to as the 'Carmansville Cemetery.'  Few Manhattan cemeteries are still active, it would likely be a defunct or destroyed cemetery.

New York City:  A very large area.  Even a death certificate noting death or birth in "Brooklyn" or "Long Island" can indicate any of the potential areas and are general.  I believe it's safest to go no further than the Borough (County).

Ocean View (New York):  An area on Staten Island, Richmond County.  Unfortunately there is an Ocean View Cemetery to add to the confusion.  Records can state 'Ocean View' and mean Ocean View Cemetery proper, United Hebrew, Or Mt. Richmond.  Possibly others but generally one of these.  Some will state Ocean View UH or Ocean View MR, which is super helpful.

Cypress Hill: Sometimes generally meant as the area, in an obit or death certificate.  Can indicate Salem Fields, Linden Hill, Union Fields, etc.  But can actually mean Cypress Hill Cemetery a lot of the time.

Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery,
Findagrave:  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&GRid=172295084&CRid=65138&

No online database at this time.  One of the largest and oldest cemeteries in New York city, is largely Lutheran and Catholic, but is non-denominational on the whole.  Has (one of my favorite artifacts!) many Family Plot Gates(!), which remain, although the surround has been removed for easier cutting of the grass.  I hope they don't remove the gates, as some cemteries have done.  They often contain the name of the purchaser and the year of establishment, a family crest, or just lovely metalwork from the Age.

Many markers in German.

In generally great shape, though some older areas have trees and foliage which has overgrown the markers.  Good security, though the office itself is not very responsive, at least not by phone call.  Did not see poison ivy and was not overly beset by insects there.

The Evergreens, New York, Kings County

Cemetery website;

1.  Variously entered in records as Branch of Evergreen, Branch Evergreen or Evergreen Cemetery, correct name at this time is The Evergreens Cemetery.

2. Cemetery website had an interment search for a time but this is currently offline.  It was a bit of a mess, really, but the cemetery is very old and very large.

3.  Contains removals.  This means that there are some burials that predate the cemetery establishment date.

4.  The cemetery appeared well kept on my last visit, with a mix of old-style family plots, club areas such as the Odd Fellows and Firefighter organizations. Many shady trees.

Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery, Ridgewood, Queens, New York

Many obituaries and records just note "Linden Hill."  Unfortunately, there is also a Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery (which appears to be multi-sectarian) right next door, leading to much confusion.  Until one or the other issues a burial list, it's problematic.

In addition, "Linden Hill," like "Cypress Hills," is often entered as an area, not a specific cemetery.  Many people with Cypress Hills listed on the death record have burial markers found in Linden Hill, Union Field, Salem Fields, etc.  To add to this uncertainly, there are Jewish burials in Cypress Hill Cemetery, some very old.

Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery is extremely well kept, and I only encountered a few chiggers there, and no poison ivy.

The wall between it and the Methodist LInden Hill is complete and I didn't see that one could accidentally walk beween the two.

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Glendale, Queeens Count

1.  Hungarian Union Field is now considered part of this cemetery, but entries have not been merged with Mt. Carmel:

2.  A quick photo trip revealed many markers not listed in the database:
No need to assume that all burials have been entered into Findagrave, then.  ; )

3. 'Hungarian Union Field' and 'Union Field' are not the same cemetery though DCs may confuse them, and you can walk from one to the other without realizing the transition.

4. You can also walk between Mt. Neboh and Mt. Carmel.  There is a ridge, but not a wall that I ever found.  The 'quick trip' mentioned in #2 was by accident, while photographing in Mt. Neboh. 


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